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Portal: Flash review.

At first, I thought little of it. Just another flash game, platformer style, trying to do what was out of it’s league. I was wrong. Portal: The Flash Version is an incredibly well rounded game for hours of fun.

My first thought when I began playing it was, ‘Wow, what doesn’t this have?’. A video walkthrough, great level design, plenty of length, autosave, in-game console, nice art, and some of the most advanced options I think I’ve ever seen in a flash. And you can move with either the arrow or WASD keys. Simply mindblowing. The game plays like a 2D version of Portal should play, and it feels great. All the same tactics and manipulations are there, and more. And it’s a blast from beggining to end.

However, the game does lack some minor things. For example, in certain parts of the game, I would experience heavy lag, making the game almost unplayable. It resolved after a couple of seconds of ‘stand still and hope for the best’, but still made the game a nuisance at parts. Another big problem was the bugs. Along my crusades I fell countless times to the fault of bugs. Once the bug actually helped me, but regardless it is a problem. It’s good to know the designers have noticed and are taking action about it.

Portal: The Flash Version is easily one of the best flash games to grace the internet as of recent. With its well done platforming and incredible features, you’ll be hooked from beggining to end.

95% / 100%

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Neves review.

When I first saw Neves, I was hesistant. Generally speaking, puzzle solving games aren’t up on my list of anticipated games. Now, Neves looked like it might be different, it has a glimmer of originality. Neves might not be exactly what I was waiting for, but it is a surprisingly complete package.

Neves is a stylish puzzle game on the DS that has a straightfoward premise: slide the pieces into the diagram so that they form a picture. Surprisingly enough, this proves to be one of the most addictive puzzle games since Tetris. It’s difficulty is set just right, a perfect blend of ‘I’m so close!’ and ‘This is aggravating me’, so that you finish the puzzle just before you might become aggravated. There is plenty of puzzles to choose from, and the game is great for a quick jump in and hop out. It’s a great on-the-go game, and holds plenty of hours of gameplay. Local multiplayer with either one or more carts is great too, and the autosave feature throughout the game is really nifty.

Neves is definitely a great game, but it isn’t perfect. Although it has local multiplayer, I would have loved to see online multiplayer as well as online highscore boards. Occasionallty the pieces don’t slide in together as one might hope, and sometimes controlling the pieces is messy.

Overall, Neves is a comfortable quickplay game that will last in the long run. If only it had online scoreboards.

91% / 100%