Colordefense review.

I happen to love defense games, and it is easily one of my favorite genres, mostly because everyone is good at them. The gameplay is slow and smooth, and the action is intense at times. Truly the standard rules of a defense game. This is why when I played Colordefense I was blown away.

Colordefense is a great innovative fusion of highspeed action mixed with the fun of a defense game. I seriously didn’t know it was possible, but it is pulled off so well it makes for a must-play experience. The game instantly throws you in with a sense of thrill, and then you quickly get bombarded with colored squares. You must rotate your circle to bound off these squares and receive points. The game is addictive as hell, so make sure you have a couple minutes to spare. And online scoreboards means you will be competing for the top.

On the negative side, I would have loved to see custom control schemes, as a mouse based scheme would have suited me much better. In addition, multiplayer would be such an incredible addition to this game, doubling the frantic fun of it. And in every rhythm based game, sound distortion on impact or even to mess around with the game would be great. And the song is great, but more choice or sound control would have helped.

Colordefense is something new for the genre. It’s fast, frantic, and most of all fun, and is a good time waster at any time of day, though little sound based details and lack of multiplayer bug it down a notch. It’s great to see something new in the genre though.

91% / 100%

( Play it here! )


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