Chocobo Wars review.

First impressions aren’t everything. This isn’t more true than exibited in Chocobo Wars. Although it works at a simply classic idea, it is just short of being great.

The game’s intro, though just credits, is done very well. During gameplay, you can select a song to listen to from a nifty music player. And the game runs smoothly at the same framerate throughout. Gameplay is simple and straightfoward, and highscore boards help increase replay value.

On the down side, the intro can not be skipped, and you are reverted to it every time you ‘return’. The gameplay has a few bugs around the edges of the map, and you are above sidebar items which is irritating as it makes the game look all the more mushed. The musicplayer and score item are unhideable, making them create the occasional irritation. And the game itself isn’t difficult at all, being that there is no AI and they don’t exactly fight back or avoid shots. They just run straight. Additional gameplay modes would have helped as well.

Chocobo Wars isn’t a very good game. Not that it should be avoided, but it would only interest you if you are a fan of holding the highscore on a game. Otherwise, there are better alternatives.

50% / 100%

( Play it here! )


1 Response to “Chocobo Wars review.”

  1. 1 Androu1 November 9, 2007 at 10:54 am

    Thanks dude! Your suggestions will be taken in case of another Chocobo Wars or another game in general.

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