Pacman Platform 2 review.

With plenty of open source physics engine’s to choose from, platform games are becoming more and more common. At occasion, some manage to shine above the others. This is the case in Pacman Platform 2. What I first thought might just be a generic Pacman copy turned out to be a great platformer.

Pacman Platform 2 begins smoothly. Choose from either adventure mode or minigames. Once there, have fun. The in-game design is crisp, and doesn’t interfere with gameplay. The camera is controlled well, and gameplay is crisp and smooth. There aren’t any bugs in-game that I have encountered so far, although when I exited out of minigames I was left on the minigame screen. The platforming is well done, and has a well done difficulty. And scoreboards mean that you can play multiple times to beat your old highscore.

The game has few shortcomings. The most obvious is the lack of difficult levels. Overall, the game is fairly easy, but occasionally feels too easy. Sometimes this is caused by the game’s ‘fetch quest’ nature. The level design is fairly straightfoward, and there isn’t any level that had a standout design. Online highscore boards would have increased replay value, but without them it doesn’t lack heavily.

Pacman Platform 2 is definitely worth your time, with its quick platforming gameplay and straightfoward design. Those looking for a difficult game might want to look elsewhere. If the levels had a bit more difficulty, and a few of them had extremely good designs it would be an incredible platforming experience.

84% / 100%

( Play it here! )


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