Mario Town 2 review.

I went in thinking it was a mediocre Mario clone. And I hoped I was wrong. But I wasn’t. Mario Town 2 is one of the more lackluster games I have reviewed as of recent.

Mario Town 2 begins with a mediocre intro, though I thouroughly enjoy the artstyle used for Bowser. The minigames are really good, and ‘The Last Survivor’ was much more enjoyable than the actual game. Bowser race is a decent ride as well, though not very difficult on any setting. And the game is straightfoward, which is conveniant.

However, the game lacks much. No save or autosave feature in any mode is irritating. Poor collision detection is also a problem. I encountered a lot of bugs, and the gameplay was irritating. Jumping on the enemies head’s would have made it a much better experience. And the intro was extended, even if it was skippable. Multiplayer and saving would have helped the game. And seriously, this game does not require 6 megs. Compression would help.

The minigame ‘The Last Survivor’ is probably the best part of this package, and if the designer fixed the bugs, added multiplayer, and based the game off of ‘The Last Survivor’ it would be a great package. Otherwise, another one bites the dust.

68% / 100%

( Play it here! )


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