Fight for Glorton review.

As soon as I saw the game, it intrigued me. It said it accomplished a well polished ‘Super Smash Bros. Melee’ feeling with minimal lag. Being that I love SSBM, (And Brawl was the sole purpose I originally got a Wii.) I had to give this game a testrun. I found out it was well worth it.

Fight for Glorton boasts some of the best features of any flash fighter I have played. Change control schemes, item frequency, stage, and so on. The game is really solid. It boots up into an AI fight splash screen, which I thought was both entertaining and well placed. The menu is easy to navigate and minimal. Before you begin to play, you can choose either 1 player or up to 4 player simultaniously. The control scheme for each is customizable, and fairly well balanced. There is only so much you can do with 4 people on the same keyboard. As for the in-game AI, it’s functional.

On the negative sides, Fight for Glorton does not have difficulty settings, which would have been great for AI single player battles. In addition, it lacks highscore boards, which would have been great for comparing kills per minute in endurance mode or such. In addition, there is only 6 total charecters, and some share the same movepool, so there isn’t enough variety. Some bugs and poor camera control occasionally bother gameplay as well.

Overall, it’s a solid fighting game. Combat is fast and furious, and the engine is great. Control scheme customizability is awsome, and multiplayer is great with friends. Its few short-comings are often in fighting games, and it would have been great if this one fixed them for a change.

86% / 100%

( Play it here! )


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