Blockslide 2 review.

If only there was some game that was errorless. The game is simply perfect in every way, shape, and form of the word. Sadly, no game will grace us as good as that. Still, Blockslide 2 comes very close to an almost perfect experience.

Blockslide 2 has a simple premise, get to the goal. With full 3D isometric graphics and tons of puzzles, it’s a blast playing around from beggining to… well, you aren’t going to reach the end. Unless you have a couple of years to spare. Yeah, this game is that huge. With over 150 levels, a level editor, and some of the most beautiful graphics in most flash’s I’ve seen, Blockslide 2 delivers. Show level designs to friends, mess around with the engine. With autosave, you can take that much needed bathroom break any time you want.

However, Blockslide 2 does have some downsides. Being that it is so heavy in content, it seems overwhelming at times. In addition, the game feels somewhat constrictive. Even though it starts off with so much variety, you only get 1 level from each mode, and 5 or so would have been more workable and possibly make more people interested. And the control scheme takes some getting used to, and a customizability option would have done perfect in the game.

Blockslide 2 is one of the most incredible flash games to date. In the puzzle genre, it is possibly the most intensely packed game ever. Easily a must play, if you already haven’t. And remember, come back any time. It’ll be waiting.

96% / 100%

( Play it here! )


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