Chocobo Wars review.

First impressions aren’t everything. This isn’t more true than exibited in Chocobo Wars. Although it works at a simply classic idea, it is just short of being great.

The game’s intro, though just credits, is done very well. During gameplay, you can select a song to listen to from a nifty music player. And the game runs smoothly at the same framerate throughout. Gameplay is simple and straightfoward, and highscore boards help increase replay value.

On the down side, the intro can not be skipped, and you are reverted to it every time you ‘return’. The gameplay has a few bugs around the edges of the map, and you are above sidebar items which is irritating as it makes the game look all the more mushed. The musicplayer and score item are unhideable, making them create the occasional irritation. And the game itself isn’t difficult at all, being that there is no AI and they don’t exactly fight back or avoid shots. They just run straight. Additional gameplay modes would have helped as well.

Chocobo Wars isn’t a very good game. Not that it should be avoided, but it would only interest you if you are a fan of holding the highscore on a game. Otherwise, there are better alternatives.

50% / 100%

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Colordefense review.

I happen to love defense games, and it is easily one of my favorite genres, mostly because everyone is good at them. The gameplay is slow and smooth, and the action is intense at times. Truly the standard rules of a defense game. This is why when I played Colordefense I was blown away.

Colordefense is a great innovative fusion of highspeed action mixed with the fun of a defense game. I seriously didn’t know it was possible, but it is pulled off so well it makes for a must-play experience. The game instantly throws you in with a sense of thrill, and then you quickly get bombarded with colored squares. You must rotate your circle to bound off these squares and receive points. The game is addictive as hell, so make sure you have a couple minutes to spare. And online scoreboards means you will be competing for the top.

On the negative side, I would have loved to see custom control schemes, as a mouse based scheme would have suited me much better. In addition, multiplayer would be such an incredible addition to this game, doubling the frantic fun of it. And in every rhythm based game, sound distortion on impact or even to mess around with the game would be great. And the song is great, but more choice or sound control would have helped.

Colordefense is something new for the genre. It’s fast, frantic, and most of all fun, and is a good time waster at any time of day, though little sound based details and lack of multiplayer bug it down a notch. It’s great to see something new in the genre though.

91% / 100%

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Portal review.

Portal is just one of five outstandingly innovative games that can be found on Valve’s latest bundle release, The Orange Box. From Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2 Episode 1 and 2, and Team Fortress 2, this is one game that definitely stands out as a diamond in the rough.

As most of us are accustomed to, first-person shooter games haven’t really evolved since the birth of three dimensional gameplay. Mostly just point-and-shoot for hours until it’s over. Portal takes the entire concept to a whole new level. In control of the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device, you can create intradimensional “doors” from one plane of space to another. This theoretical concept is enhanced by real-life physics. As you enter one portal, you maintain momentum exiting the second. This paves the way for an array of brain-accelerating challenges and puzzles that will surely keep you glued to that screen for quite some time.

However, no good thing comes without its price. Although Portal is a very new and advanced game, it is highly experimental. The outrageous dynamic physics create many bugs in the game, that could even cause it to completely crash in rare cases. Concentrating more on the bigger image, the small details that Portal lacks really brings down the visual attraction. The game is also very short, especially playing it on a console. An experienced gamer can easily get through the entire game in less than an hour; I know I have. The final boss fight with GLaDOS is mere child’s play to even some of the previous levels. However, the ending scene is a cliffhanger for an almost certain-to-come sequel.

Portal may have it’s small downsides, but it’s still a joy to play. If you enjoy puzzle games, or any of Valve’s previous games, you haven’t lived until you’ve played Portal.

95% / 100%

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Mario Town 2 review.

I went in thinking it was a mediocre Mario clone. And I hoped I was wrong. But I wasn’t. Mario Town 2 is one of the more lackluster games I have reviewed as of recent.

Mario Town 2 begins with a mediocre intro, though I thouroughly enjoy the artstyle used for Bowser. The minigames are really good, and ‘The Last Survivor’ was much more enjoyable than the actual game. Bowser race is a decent ride as well, though not very difficult on any setting. And the game is straightfoward, which is conveniant.

However, the game lacks much. No save or autosave feature in any mode is irritating. Poor collision detection is also a problem. I encountered a lot of bugs, and the gameplay was irritating. Jumping on the enemies head’s would have made it a much better experience. And the intro was extended, even if it was skippable. Multiplayer and saving would have helped the game. And seriously, this game does not require 6 megs. Compression would help.

The minigame ‘The Last Survivor’ is probably the best part of this package, and if the designer fixed the bugs, added multiplayer, and based the game off of ‘The Last Survivor’ it would be a great package. Otherwise, another one bites the dust.

68% / 100%

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Blockslide 2 review.

If only there was some game that was errorless. The game is simply perfect in every way, shape, and form of the word. Sadly, no game will grace us as good as that. Still, Blockslide 2 comes very close to an almost perfect experience.

Blockslide 2 has a simple premise, get to the goal. With full 3D isometric graphics and tons of puzzles, it’s a blast playing around from beggining to… well, you aren’t going to reach the end. Unless you have a couple of years to spare. Yeah, this game is that huge. With over 150 levels, a level editor, and some of the most beautiful graphics in most flash’s I’ve seen, Blockslide 2 delivers. Show level designs to friends, mess around with the engine. With autosave, you can take that much needed bathroom break any time you want.

However, Blockslide 2 does have some downsides. Being that it is so heavy in content, it seems overwhelming at times. In addition, the game feels somewhat constrictive. Even though it starts off with so much variety, you only get 1 level from each mode, and 5 or so would have been more workable and possibly make more people interested. And the control scheme takes some getting used to, and a customizability option would have done perfect in the game.

Blockslide 2 is one of the most incredible flash games to date. In the puzzle genre, it is possibly the most intensely packed game ever. Easily a must play, if you already haven’t. And remember, come back any time. It’ll be waiting.

96% / 100%

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Pacman Platform 2 review.

With plenty of open source physics engine’s to choose from, platform games are becoming more and more common. At occasion, some manage to shine above the others. This is the case in Pacman Platform 2. What I first thought might just be a generic Pacman copy turned out to be a great platformer.

Pacman Platform 2 begins smoothly. Choose from either adventure mode or minigames. Once there, have fun. The in-game design is crisp, and doesn’t interfere with gameplay. The camera is controlled well, and gameplay is crisp and smooth. There aren’t any bugs in-game that I have encountered so far, although when I exited out of minigames I was left on the minigame screen. The platforming is well done, and has a well done difficulty. And scoreboards mean that you can play multiple times to beat your old highscore.

The game has few shortcomings. The most obvious is the lack of difficult levels. Overall, the game is fairly easy, but occasionally feels too easy. Sometimes this is caused by the game’s ‘fetch quest’ nature. The level design is fairly straightfoward, and there isn’t any level that had a standout design. Online highscore boards would have increased replay value, but without them it doesn’t lack heavily.

Pacman Platform 2 is definitely worth your time, with its quick platforming gameplay and straightfoward design. Those looking for a difficult game might want to look elsewhere. If the levels had a bit more difficulty, and a few of them had extremely good designs it would be an incredible platforming experience.

84% / 100%

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Fight for Glorton review.

As soon as I saw the game, it intrigued me. It said it accomplished a well polished ‘Super Smash Bros. Melee’ feeling with minimal lag. Being that I love SSBM, (And Brawl was the sole purpose I originally got a Wii.) I had to give this game a testrun. I found out it was well worth it.

Fight for Glorton boasts some of the best features of any flash fighter I have played. Change control schemes, item frequency, stage, and so on. The game is really solid. It boots up into an AI fight splash screen, which I thought was both entertaining and well placed. The menu is easy to navigate and minimal. Before you begin to play, you can choose either 1 player or up to 4 player simultaniously. The control scheme for each is customizable, and fairly well balanced. There is only so much you can do with 4 people on the same keyboard. As for the in-game AI, it’s functional.

On the negative sides, Fight for Glorton does not have difficulty settings, which would have been great for AI single player battles. In addition, it lacks highscore boards, which would have been great for comparing kills per minute in endurance mode or such. In addition, there is only 6 total charecters, and some share the same movepool, so there isn’t enough variety. Some bugs and poor camera control occasionally bother gameplay as well.

Overall, it’s a solid fighting game. Combat is fast and furious, and the engine is great. Control scheme customizability is awsome, and multiplayer is great with friends. Its few short-comings are often in fighting games, and it would have been great if this one fixed them for a change.

86% / 100%

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